What are the Best Platforms to Get Online Education in the USA in 2022?

What are the Best Platforms to Get Online Education in the USA in 2022?

1. Introduction to Best Platforms to Get Online Education

Expectations are high for the U.S. education market, but almost no one seems to have an idea of where it’s going. It’s still a young market, but it is already more mature than most of its peers. How can you be successful in this market? This post addresses some of the questions that we hear most often from companies in this space:

1) Are we likely to see a big change in consumer behavior over the next decade?

2) What new forms of education will be offered?

3) How will our competitors fare against us?

4) What other countries are doing well and what are the best platforms for them to adopt?

5) Which platforms should I use for my students?

2. How to Find the Best Online Education Platforms in the USA

Online education has been a market for decades, but it has only grown in recent years. There are tremendous opportunities for educational platforms to reach more students and build more global communities. In this feature, we compare the best platforms to get online education in the USA in 2022.

The platform is not just a tool; it’s a way of life — from the unique content you can create to how you share it with people all around the world. It’s about having a voice and reaching your community, about finding your community and making sure you always have an audience with which to share what you’re learning.

Here is our list of five platform-based solutions that will help you find an affordable way to start or continue your education.

3. What are the Benefits of Online Education in the USA?

While we are all familiar with the fact that online education is exploding, we are only beginning to get a sense of what the exponential growth will look like in the next few years. In this post, I’ll try to characterize the top platforms for learning in 2022, based on the data from the 2017 Access tracking survey (see my previous posts for more about that).

The survey found that there are 5 platforms on which learning is most popular:

1. Coursera

2. Edmodo

3. Khan Academy

4. Udemy

5. Pluralsight

4. The Best Places to Get Online Education in the USA in 2022

The current educational landscape in the U.S. is quite odd. While there are some great places for people to learn, there are also many places where people aren’t learning very much at all. They’re just sitting there, doing nothing, and we’re paying them to do something that should be a core part of our society.

There are two problems here: first, we don’t know where the “good” places are (we can think of a few), and second, everyone is focused on getting somewhere else as fast as possible (instead of fixing the problem).

The answer to both of these problems is found in a simple question: What can we do to make sure that our kids get the best education possible? We need to create environments that provide access to large numbers of kids who want it and will put in the effort so they can have it. And we need to create incentives for schools — which do this — to focus on building strong student bodies who will upgrade their skills through learning and put them in positions that allow them to help solve local problems and use their knowledge for good.

This is important because it isn’t much you can do about what your schools do (especially if your school system isn’t controlled by a central authority), but you can control how much quality your kids receive from what they learn at school (like how far people go on an average day with respect to their peak hours). If you want your students to be able to access good education quickly — and not just any education — you need a wide variety of options.

The best way I have seen so far for creating this variety is through the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement; students often access things like textbooks or materials not provided by their school directly, but via OERs — which provide them with material that others have already downloaded or created themselves, at no cost or inconvenience.

So although online education has been around for a long time now, if I had to guess I would say 2022 will be the year when OERs start taking off as truly dominant platforms in higher education — especially since plenty of people seem happy enough with what they have today.

5. How to Choose the Best Online Education Platforms

Online education is a hot topic in the US, with many schools and universities introducing new platforms to their degrees. In fact, it could be argued that there are two sides of this debate: on the one hand, some argue that online education should be done by universities that have strong academic reputations, while others see online learning as a way to make money (and thus ignore the question of whether they can offer students a good value).

I’ve written on this topic before and have been asked a few times why I, as someone who has spent significant time working with university systems and others, would advise against specific platforms for different reasons. Given that I am not that much of an expert in everything except for video conferencing (and because I know quite a lot about video conferencing), I figured it was time for me to contribute my thoughts on which platforms are best suited for different kinds of educational institutions.

For clarity’s sake, all the platforms I am talking about here are free or free-to-play (generally) and assume students need to access content through paid accounts or through some other means. These include:

1. Google Hangouts – Hangouts can be used by anyone using Google Hangouts; Google automatically manages your chats so you don’t have to pay attention; you can also add audio/video with no additional costs; you can use it both inside and outside of Google campuses

2. Skype – You can use Skype inside and outside of Google campuses (you won’t get audio/video quality); you don’t need an account to join chats; you need an account if you want to start using audio/video (which is what people actually do in most cases)

3. Zoom – Advanced features such as video conferencing AND audio/video chat are available; there is no additional cost for people who don’t require advanced features

4. Zoom Video – This platform offers advanced features such as video conferencing AND audio/video chat; there is no additional cost for people who don’t require advanced features

5. Zoom Go – Advanced features such as video conferencing AND audio/video chat are available; there is no additional cost for people who don’t require advanced features

The above list includes “free” platforms with limited functionality but still attractive value propositions like these:

1) Facebook Groups – You can create groups where thousands of people

6. Best Platforms to Get Online Education in the USA on the Internet in 2022

What are the best platforms to get online education in the USA in 2022?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t thought about this very much. But as one of the few people who actually used a platform to get online education in North America (eLearning University), I’d be willing to bet that this is a topic that has been on people’s minds for a while.

But it’s not just me; I wouldn’t be surprised if this was something that other members of the LEO community are thinking about as well. What is your opinion?

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